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Posts tagged ‘safeway’

Foodtree On Shrooms – Episode #37

We’re talking about the white button variety that is. Anthony digs through the ol’ office fridge to pull out some mushrooms we bought last week.

Cheddar Cheese Please – Episode #26

No sandwich is complete without a few slices, but have you ever taken the time to ask what’s really in your cheese? Now you don’t really need to many ingredients to make some good wholesome cheese but preservatives and additives are pumped in to make your cheese last longer and taste more like what you think cheese should taste like.

Well in this episode, Anthony cuts the cheese to deal you the facts behind what basic ingredients you really need to make cheese vs all the other fillers.

A Minty Fresh Look At Food – Episode #18

This is what Foodtree is all about: trying to flip the food system on its head and get people looking at food in a minty fresh new way. Anthony in this episode sniffs and chews on some mint from Safeway, Capers (apologies, in the video we say it’s from Nesters) and Jonny’s patio garden pot.

This episode is fresher than the Prince of Bel Air himself. And really, who needs gum anyways?…Actually what’s really ironic (is this ironic?) is that Jonny was chewing on some Dentyne while filming this episode.