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Posts from the ‘Treehouse TV’ Category

Foodtree TV’s Hiatus & Contest Winner

First off, apologies to everyone for having not post a new episode of Foodtree TV for the past month. We’ve been busy putting together some data together for the city of Vancouver, continuing to build and generally trying to change the world.

As exciting as this makes things for us at Foodtree, Foodtree TV has been shelved for a while. We’re not sure yet when we’ll be publishing episodes regularly again but until then enjoy our archive of 119 episodes.

Secondly, we’re happy to announce that the winner of our last post’s contest is Claire!  Claire, we’ll hit you up with an email to get your contact info to mail you The Zero Mile Diet.

If you enjoyed Foodtree TV, let us know in the comments!

How To Grow: Seeding Plants – Episode #118

Now that you’ve chosen your plants/veggies you’ll be growing and you have your seeds (if you haven’t yet, not to worry you’ve still got some time) it’s time to plant them in some nice cozy incubating soil.

How To Make Vegetable Stock – Episode 117

Making veg stock is so simple that Anthony makes it desk side in the office. Imagine what you’ll be able to do in a real kitchen!

How To Buy Green Kale, Red Kale, Black Kale, 4 Kale – Episode #116

Anthony has shown you how to braise kale in Episode #59 and now he’ll show you what to look for in the colourfully named yet all rather green kales.

How To Grow: Thinking About Seeds – Episode #115

It’s time to start planning for your gardens no matter what the size. From patio pots to grandiose gardens join Anthony in the first few steps on deciding which seeds to plant for the upcoming growing season.