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Posts tagged ‘discussion’

This Cheese Smells Funny – Episode #58

In this episode: excerpts from the Wisconsin Milk Board Tour Guide Manual (a manual for Wisconsin milk farmers for giving tours to the public). You may be thinking that sounds hella boring, but on the contrary. There are some hinky quotes in there for subduing concerned milk drinkers. Well you be the judge of it, leave a comment of your thoughts below.

Wacky Quirks in the Food System – Episode #57

Anthony shares what he discovered when he dug deeper into the rabbit hole of food marketing in the industry surrounding three lasagna ingredients: butter, eggs spinach.

What Do You Care About Food? – Episode #56

In this episode there are snippets of Anthony engaging the class at the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver to think about what issues around food they care about. What are your thoughts surrounding the what the “local” and “organic” labels mean to you? Comment below!

Ideas On Approaching Food – Episode #55

In part 2 of Anthony’s time at the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver, Anthony shares how to holistically approach food based on factors you may or may not care about and how to dig into the details from there.

On the Subject of Farmed Shell Fish – Episode #46

In this episode you can ogle at the scallop dish Anthony made a few episodes ago and listen to some tasty facts on farmed shelled fish by unsuspecting guest, Steve Johansen of Organic Ocean fame.