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Posts tagged ‘organic’

Green Onions – Episode #107

Anthony in this episode, talks about how to choose which stalk of green onions to choose and what your choice may taste like. Also, here’s your chance to shape the future of Foodtree TV let us know what kind of food information you’re interested in, comment below.

Grapefruit – Episode #105

Join Anthony this morning with a few grapefruit wedges. Try out some uneven looking organic fruit vs the uniform conventional kind.

Cream Cheese – Episode #104

And we’re back in the office in this episode, Anthony does a quick recap of his time at the Sustainable Food Summit in San Francisco followed by a tasting of cream cheeses.

Rad Radishes – Episode #102

In this episode we’re back in the office with Tony, trying out some packaged, conventional and organic radishes.

Spinach Span – Episode #99

Anthony in this episode uses spinach as a barometer to gauge what state the food system is at. And you thought this was only going to be an episode on spinach, shame on you!

Gaga For Garlic – Episode #89

Notorious for weird lingering smells, garlic is the food we all love and hate for it’s pungentness. Anthony in this episode tries a couple and shows how to deal with the cloves.

A Better Organic World – Contest for $5000!

Even though our team’s extremely busy with the Foodtree platform, we’re always conscious of the great things people and brands are doing for the food community around the world. A few weeks back we got involved with an ongoing contest from Soyaworld’s So Nice, an organic soy beverage found all over Canada and in many US states, so we wanted to make sure our blog readers knew about it and had the opportunity to enter and vote!

The “Better Organic World” contest is open and taking your submissions for ideas! Head to So Nice’s Facebook page and submit ideas on how you’d spend $5,000 towards a better organic world. It’s that simple. After that you can share your ideas on Facebook or Twitter to have friends and family vote for you.

At the end of the contest period, a handful of top entries will be assessed by a rockstar panel of judges which includes Lindsay Coulter, Elise Desaulniers, Raul Pacheco, Kate Trgovac, Celine MacKay, Valerie Lugonja.

Also of note:

On November 15 and December 15, the entries with the most votes have a chance to win one of the $100 vouchers. In addition, the top 10 most voted ideas, together with the top 10 picks of the Contest Sponsor, will be part of the shortlist for the independent judges to evaluate for the Grand Prize. (Rules and Regulations)

Head on over to So Nice’s Facebook page to check it all out!