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Posts tagged ‘packaged’

Spinach Span – Episode #99

Anthony in this episode uses spinach as a barometer to gauge what state the food system is at. And you thought this was only going to be an episode on spinach, shame on you!

Packaged Pita Chips – Episode #94

Pita chips seem to be a healthier alternative snack food, right? But are they really that much better for you? Anthony snacks on a few and shares his thoughts in this episode.

Juice à la Box – Episode #90

With always being on the go, quick libation sometimes comes in the form of box. Anthony in this episode discusses the ins and outs of a few juice box choices.

Store Bought Eggnog – Episode #82

If yesterday’s episode of making your own eggnog wasn’t quite your cup of tea and you still want festive libation then listen in here where Anthony sips the store bought varieties.

Pumpkin Seeds – Episode #51

The post-Halloween/pre-American-Thanksgiving period is upon us with pumpkins galore. Anthony tries some prepackaged varieties for your viewing pleasure.