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Why Vancouver Restaurant Owners Are Putting QR Codes On Their Menus (And You Should Too)

Restaurants are often proud of who they're sourcing from, and this is a simple way to let their customers join them in celebrating the farms, wineries, breweries, and other artisans that put food on the best menus in town.

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Our Transparent Food System, The First Step

Last week our team decided it was time to reach out to the community who’d supported this project for so long and to ask them to join us. We sent out our first newsletter (click here to see it) outlining where we think the site is today and what it may become tomorrow.

We humbly asked people to take Foodtree for a test drive, and to offer us any thoughts or feedback they have.

We’d like to ask you to join us, too.

Set up an account and get started in seconds. Make sure your local grocer is on Foodtree…let’s map your local food community together.

Below is our intro video, which is also located at our Tour landing page.

Welcome to Foodtree from foodtree on Vimeo.

As always, feel free to email me or find us on Twitter with thoughts or questions!

Coffee and Transparency: Is Nestle joining the transparency revolution?

Not sure if you’ll soon be able to know the names of your coffee farmers Ethical Bean style, but looks like this could be a step in the right direction. I’ve had some interesting discussions about coffee transparency in the past and there is certainly some concern around marketing speak versus authenticity.

Skipper Otto- Gone Fishing

My family and I were at the dock for the send off party for Skipper Otto. We’re members of his community supported fishery with our friend Grace. It is an awesome way to get great fish (which means delicious, good fishing practices, known provenance, etc). Otto’s daughter-in-law, Sonia, helps run the business and is generally amazing. Otto recently had hip surgery and stubbornly managed to get out on the boat at the start of the season even though he was on crutches. It’s really the kind of dedication you only see (and required) in fishermen and farmers.

Rebecca Gerendasy: Paul Hawken: The High Cost of Cheap Food (video)

Integrating cost and price will require a transparent food system. The feedback Paul talks about can only happen when practices and data are open.

Gross! Johnny eats faceless, nameless industrial slop. We don't even feed that to our pigs!

Ulla writes, “As a kid I was teased about the fact that we ate the animals we knew.”

More evidence of the backwards world we live in. Ulla was teased as a kid because she knew too well where her food came from and how it was raised.

The opposite should be true.

Something along the lines of hah hah, Johnny is an alien. He doesn’t eat food- he eats shrink wrapped garbage. And the food Johnny does eat he’s too dumb to know where it came from.

The Week in Provenance

A summary of provenance related stories from around the web that I’ve been reading.

Poultry with a pedigree: Babied chickens & their eggs are flying off the shelves | Philadelphia Daily News | 04/01/2010
Friday, April 02, 2010 7:34 AM
chicken-and-the-eggWHICH CAME first, the local, pasture-raised, free-roaming chicken, or the brown, heritage-breed organic egg?
Most of us eat chicken and eggs regularly. The question is, what are we getting for our money? Where have those chicken and eggs been, and what are your options if you want to branch out from the mass-produced varieties that dominate most supermarket offerings?

Walmart versus Whole foods: Does Walmart win? – Chris Blattman
Friday, April 02, 2010 7:16 AM
walmart-vs-whole-foodsWalmart is going organic and locavore in its produce section. Corby Kummer comes to terms with his disbelief (and does blind taste tests of Whole Foods versus Walmart) in an Atlantic article. I started looking into how and why Walmart could be plausibly competing with Whole Foods, and found that its produce-buying had evolved beyond organics, to a virtually unknown program—one that could do …

Transparency: Which Fish to Eat? – Transparency – GOOD
infographic on which fish to eat in which US regions

Push to Eat Local Food Is Hampered by Shortage –
In what could be a setback for the local-food movement, independent farmers say they are having trouble arranging for slaughter.

How Locavores Could Save the World | Foreign Policy

locavores-save-the-worldthe costs of the modern agriculture industry are far greater, and more insidious, than the costs of returning to a more localized model of farming would be.