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How Our Seeds Are Doing and CONTEST

No official episode today but here’s a picture of how are seeds are doing so far:

In the true spirit of Foodtree the seeds are sitting in a roasting pan in the middle of several computers.

To keep you entertained, checkout for some inspiration. We’ll try and get Andrea Bellamy in for a chat in the hopefully not so distant future. So Andrea, if you’re out there reading this: we’re coming for you.


We have a copy of The Zero Mile Diet (amazon) and will be giving it to one of you who comments on this post, we’ll announce the winner sometime next week.

How To Grow: Seeding Plants – Episode #118

Now that you’ve chosen your plants/veggies you’ll be growing and you have your seeds (if you haven’t yet, not to worry you’ve still got some time) it’s time to plant them in some nice cozy incubating soil.

How To Grow: Thinking About Seeds – Episode #115

It’s time to start planning for your gardens no matter what the size. From patio pots to grandiose gardens join Anthony in the first few steps on deciding which seeds to plant for the upcoming growing season.