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Scenes from the Kitsilano Farmers Market #vanfarmers

Despite the rainy weather last Sunday, opening day saw the Kitsilano Farmers Market packed with people looking for fresh local food. The Foodtree team was in attendance talking with vendors, taking photos, and doing a bit of shopping of our own.

There was a great mix of tempting products available and I went home with baked goods, tulips, and my beloved asparagus. I took many photos that morning because everyone seemed to have something beautiful or delicious.

Kitsilano Farmers Market: radishes

Kitsilano Farmers Market: spring onions
Radishes and spring onions from Cropthorne Farm

Kitsilano Farmers Market: yellow oyster mushrooms
Yellow oyster mushroom from Hui’s Farm

Kitsilano Farmers Market: tulips
Tulips from Anna Blumen Design

Kitsilano Farmers Market: Honey
Jars of honey from Jane’s Honey Bees

Kitsilano Farmers Market: The Flour Peddlar
Flour grown and processed in BC from The Flour Peddlar

Kitsilano Farmers Market: tomatoes
Hot house cherry tomatoes from Celyddon Farm

Kitsilano Farmers Market: apples
Apples from Klippers Organics.

Next up for the Vancouver farmers market are the openings of both the West End and Main Street Station markets at the beginning of June.

As mentioned in our previous blog post, we will be launching an iPhone app in late June with a focus on farmers markets. We’re always looking for more beta testers so please add yourself to this form if you’d like to participate!

Scenes from the Trout Lake Farmers Market #vanfarmers

You may think we’re a little obsessed with the farmers market these days, and the truth is we’re VERY obsessed because it’s one of our main areas of focus. Connecting people with where their food comes from is what Foodtree is all about, and there’s no better place than the farmers market to bring together consumers interested in fresh local food and the producers and farmers who grow it.

I love going to the farmers market because it’s the place where I’m reminded that food is a beautiful thing. Where food is tastier when eaten in season rather than shipped from afar. I get really excited about finding some of my favorite food items, like asparagus, and enjoy them thoroughly for the short time they’re around.

These are just some of the many items available from vendors at last Saturday’s market at Trout Lake. Don’t they look enticing?

Opening Day of Trout Lake Farmers Market-6

Opening Day of Trout Lake Farmers Market-8
Apple juice from Klippers Organics

Opening Day of Trout Lake Farmers Market-3

Opening Day of Trout Lake Farmers Market-5
This woman was loaded down with two giant bags of rhubarb!

Opening Day of Trout Lake Farmers Market-9
Radishes from SOLEfood farm

Opening Day of Trout Lake Farmers Market-3
Fiddleheads from Promised Land Farm

Opening Day of Trout Lake Farmers Market-7
Mushrooms from Richmond Specialty Mushroom Growers

It was great to see so many people in attendance last weekend despite the grey and rainy day.

The Foodtree Team was glad to be there for opening day…we had an excellent morning talking to farmers, shopping for food, and tasting the season’s new food. Next weekend we’ll be at Kitsilano Farmers Market; make sure you say hello if you are there!

Treehouse Tips: Remove Pesticides With Salt And Vinegar

Team member Ida Keung posts daily tips on sustainable living. See all of her Treehouse Tips by clicking here.

If you can’t always buy organic fruits and vegetables, but you’re concerned about the wax and chemicals that may have been used on your produce, what can you do? Using hot water or soaking fruit and produce for lengthy periods of time to rinse them off will cause precious nutrients to leach into the water.

How about giving salt and vinegar a try? Vinegar and other citric acids are particularly tough on waxy preservatives and other oily residues. You can mix yourself a wash spray of one part vinegar, two parts water and two tbsp. of salt to spray down your fruits and vegetables before giving them a good scrub and rinsing. This mixture will also help to loosen dirt, kill bacteria, and remove herbicides and pesticides.