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Food Advocate Profile: @24CarrotsCo Brings the Farmers Market to You #vanfarmers

Our mission at Foodtree is to connect people with where their food comes from. With this in mind we’re highlighting Vancouver farms, producers, and food businesses we think do a fantastic job of contributing, promoting, and building the local food scene. We call them Food Advocates.

24 Carrots logo

About 24 Carrots Company: 24 Carrots Co. is a grocery delivery service in Vancouver that connects people with farm fresh seasonal food. The service is operated by Gavin Wright and Chris Thoreau, two passionate food people who are determined to redefine the food system from the ground up. They source all of their products from local farmers markets and urban farms, and operate just like a CSA but with more selection because they work with multiple producers. Deliveries are made by bicycle and all the produce arrives within a day of being freshly harvested.

What we love about 24 Carrots Company: The idea behind the service is to bridge the gap between consumers and producers, and also to support local food businesses. It appeals to those who can’t make it to the Farmers Market but would like to take advantage of fresh local food. 24 Carrots can happily deliver the Farmers Market right to your doorstep. And on a bicycle no less.

If you’re interested in trying 24 Carrots they have a variety of subscriptions available for their services. People can sign up at anytime through out the season.

Find 24 Carrots Company onlineweb site | twitter | Foodtree profile

Growing Chefs & Foodtree at the Vancouver Farmers Market

Beginning next week Growing Chefs will be promoting the local food challenge with a community table at the Vancouver Farmers Markets. The Foodtree team will also be on site sharing the same tent as we partner to support the challenge and also demonstrate the use of our app in finding fresh local food at the market.

You can find us and Growing Chefs at the following locations and dates during August:

Main Street Farmers Market – August 3rd
West End Farmers Market – August 6th
Trout Lake Farmers Market – August 13th
Kitsilano Farmers Market – August 14th

Growing Chefs local food challenge takes place the week of August 14th to 20th, and is open to everyone. Sign up today and help Growing Chefs meet their fundraising goals by participating and eating local.

We look forward to seeing you at the Farmers Market.

Growing Chefs Local Food Challenge Week – August 14-20 #vanfarmers

We’re happy to share with you an upcoming challenge from the good people at Growing Chefs, which we’re encouraging anyone, anywhere to take part in however they can.

Growing Chefs is a non-profit in Vancouver that runs a Classroom Garden Program in elementary schools to get kids excited about growing, cooking, and eating good, healthy food. At Foodtree, we’re well aware of the critical importance that children play in the evolution of our food system…parents are responsible for feeding their kids, and often that mandate heavily influences their food purchases and diet.

In addition, educating children on the nature of real food can be an effective way to influence their health throughout their lives.

To raise money to support their cause as well as to increase awareness of local food producers, Growing Chefs is having a Local Food Challenge week, beginning August 14th.

You can find all the details here, and if you so choose you can set a fundraising target to benefit the organization.

It’s like a 5k or 10k for charity, but less running and more eating!

  1. Sign up today to eat local from August 14th to August 20th. Create a profile and campaign on their nifty new pledge site. Set a fundraising goal for yourself. Ask your friends and family to pledge you by using the new site.
  2. Join up as a team, business, or family. Share the fundraising and local eating challenge among your group. You can each take a day to eat local and raise money for Growing Chefs!
  3. Pledge one of the participants.
  4. Spread the word! Share this challenge on Twitter, Facebook, and via email.
  5. Make a general donation to the campaign and help them meet their goal! (Please note, as a registered non-profit, they are unable to issue CRA tax receipts).

Using the Foodtree App during the Challenge

Our free app makes it easy to see what kind of food is fresh and local in your community; open it up and check out the What’s Fresh screen. You’ll see the most recent food photos shared near you, as well as where you can buy the food itself.

Taking photos while you’re shopping at the farmers market is another way to get involved; help people determine the kinds of foods available to them locally, as well as where they can find it.

If you decide to take the challenge, let us know via these comments or on our Facebook page. We’ll be having a special event at the end of that week that you won’t want to miss!

Farmers Market Scavenger Hunts – A Recap #vanfarmers

This past holiday weekend, the Foodtree team spent two days at our local farmers markets celebrating food, farmers, and food lovers. It was a really exciting few days for us, especially because all of you were so excited about the app and the vision we have for this company!

Each morning we set up a tent (solar-powered on Sunday!) and sent food lovers around the market looking for beautiful food photos, as well as where those foods were from. Everyone who participated got a gift and afterwards we awarded prizes for Most Photos and Best Photostream.

The app hit the App Store last Wednesday for Vancouver and Boulder, Colorado…both cities have vibrant farmers markets in full swing right now. Early Saturday morning, the pictures started flying!

farmers market, vancouver farmers market, local food

App Demos, Giveaways, Fun!

The Foodtree Team was displaying real-time images of the photos being taken in Vancouver (we also checked in on Boulder). People couldn’t believe all the geeky tech at a farmers market! Our tent was bustling with inquisitive food lovers and locals who’d downloaded the app and wanted to give it a test drive. We offered demos, helped people install the app, and even loaned out iPhones for people who didn’t have them.

Farmer participation was incredible…before the event we’d spoken with a group of the vendors about being a part of our scavenger hunt, but when we showed up and started setting up, vendors began stopping by asking to join in the fun.

We were obviously happy to expand the photo scavenger hunts to include their tents.

Special Thanks

  • Our prizes for Most Photos came from the Roaming Dragon Truck team, who are a staple at the markets, and serve up some seriously delicious food. Look at the photos taken of their truck and menu here. Thanks again guys.
  • Of course we’d like to expressly thank the Vancouver Farmers Market team, who have been truly wonderful these last few weeks as we prepared to celebrate the vendors and our new app. You were a huge element of this celebration’s success, and welcomed an unusual promotion of local food into your markets last weekend.
  • Steamclock Software, a local development shop run by Allen Pike, were instrumental in building the app itself and are forever highly recommended by us.
  • EATart, a local art lab that promotes sustainable energy via art, was behind our solar powered panels on Sunday, powering all the laptops, iPads, and iPhones.

In addition, we ran two special scavenger hunts on Saturday with some of the hardest working citizens and food advocates in town.

  • The first involved Councillor Andrea Reimer, Chef Robert Clark (of C Restaurant among others), Tara McDonald (ED of Vancouver’s Farmers Markets), Amanda Gibbs (previously Museum of Vancouver’s Dir. of Engagement), and our very own CEO Anthony Nicalo.
  • The second involved a few of the many wonderful food advocates we have in this town; Mark Busse (Foodists), Annika Reinhardt (SocialBites), Kaishin Chu (DashofFood), and Mijune Pak (FollowMeFoodie).

Everyone involved took a ton of photos and gave us great feedback on the app, vision, and experience.

Thank you for being a part of such a special event for us.

Oh, and a Special Thank You to Mother Nature, who has made it clear that she’s a big fan of Foodtree! What unexpectedly gorgeous weather this weekend!

Run Your Own Scavenger Hunt!

The response to this weekend was incredible, and a lot of fun for everyone.

The magic was the connections made. Photo hunters noticed foods they’d never heard of. Chefs were introduced to farmers. Food lovers deepened relationships with particular vendors, and farmers saw their products being shared and celebrated all over the community.

We want to spread that excitement!  Ever since the event we’ve been working on a do-it-yourself package to enable anyone to recreate the event we put together. Don’t worry…solar power and flatscreens aren’t required:)  Stay tuned!

Unlocking the App in Your Community

Since the event we’ve received lots of requests from farmers markets, farmers, and food lovers about including their locations and connections in the app. We’re hearing you, and we’ll be clearly outlining exactly how to unlock cities and get markets/vendors into the app really, really soon.

If you have questions or would like to see yourself (or your community) in the Foodtree app, email us (friends@ foodtree dot com) or drop into our community forums to get started.

The Foodtree iPhone app Sneak Peek #vanfarmers

This past weekend the Foodtree team was out at the Trout Lake and Kitsilano Farmers Markets beta testing our soon-to-be-released iPhone app. We’re working with Steam Clock Software on this project, so you know it’s going to be good.

Here’s a sneak peak at what the app looks like. We think it’s pretty darn sexy.

It’s a photo-based app that allows users to photograph, share and map the fresh local food they find at farmers markets in the Lower Mainland.

If you’re interested in becoming a betatester, please sign up using this form.

The official launch of the app will be the weekend of July 2 & 3, when the foodtree team will be on site at both the Trout Lake and Kitsilano markets. Stay tuned for details.

Tomorrow’s Farmers Market! #vanfarmers

Trout Lake Farmers Market

Headed to Vancouver’s Trout Lake Farmers Market tomorrow? We know we are…nearly our entire team will be there (a few of us have to stay keep plugging along in the Treehouse, boo). If you are there, we’ll be tweeting and using the #VanFarmers hashtag to record the day.

Why the #VanFarmers hashtag?

Hashtags let everyone monitor a specific conversation…to pull it out of the stream of other things happening on Twitter.

We’ll be able to look at the conversation celebrating the season and its food producers quite easily if we’re using the hashtag to track it.

Following the hashtag is easy. You can head to and search the hashtag to get a stream of tweets that include it.

There are also tools that make tracking a hashtag easy (most include other features for using social media), Hootsuite being the one of choice here at Foodtree. Other tools include deeper social media solutions like Seesmic or Tweetdeck, and lighter ‘listening’ tools like TweetChat or Monitter.

Mission #VanFarmers

If you want to join us in a little mission, we’re using an interesting new tool called to track the #vanfarmers hashtag as a celebration of local food producers. To join us you just join our mission: Celebrate Vancouver’s Local Food Producers

Foodtree Mobile Web

You can also see from the screenshot above that we have a mobile layer on Foodtree that you’ll see if you visit from your smart phone. The mobile map represents food assets near you; farmers markets and restaurants near you.

We’ll be updating our mobile site throughout the season to deliver more information to you while you’re out moving around, but our attention is also on building a dedicated iPhone app, which you can sign up to beta test here.

Enjoy your weekend!