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Treehouse Tips: Remove Pesticides With Salt And Vinegar

Team member Ida Keung posts daily tips on sustainable living. See all of her Treehouse Tips by clicking here.

If you can’t always buy organic fruits and vegetables, but you’re concerned about the wax and chemicals that may have been used on your produce, what can you do? Using hot water or soaking fruit and produce for lengthy periods of time to rinse them off will cause precious nutrients to leach into the water.

How about giving salt and vinegar a try? Vinegar and other citric acids are particularly tough on waxy preservatives and other oily residues. You can mix yourself a wash spray of one part vinegar, two parts water and two tbsp. of salt to spray down your fruits and vegetables before giving them a good scrub and rinsing. This mixture will also help to loosen dirt, kill bacteria, and remove herbicides and pesticides.

Psst…Pistachios – Episode #70

One of the more popular nuts here at Foodtree HQ, Anthony in this episode comments on the seasoning of some of the varieties and how to simply make them yourself. Let us know what your favourite nut is and/or how you season your pistachios.

Spoonfuls of Salt: Not that Tasty…Who Knew? – Episode #16

Anthony braves eating spoonfuls of salt for your viewing pleasure. Anthony comments on the salts’ texture and taste and how that impacts the food that you season.