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Anthony on Hacking the Food System

Danielle Gould’s Food+Tech Connect is one of the leading publications online that’s focused on the intersection of technology and food. Recently she’s been hosting a deeply thoughtful discussion exploring the ways that technology, information and data can change the food system status quo.

Our CEO Anthony Nicalo is today’s guest author, so take a minute to check it out. [link]

We live in a backward world. A world where it is strange to know where our food comes from. Foods that are grown and processed without adulteration have to prove it, while the use of chemicals and manipulation do not have to be disclosed.

Information and technology on the other hand can contribute to a better food system by eliminating information asymmetry. It only takes a couple of times choosing something you know the provenance of to remind you that it is actually bizarre to NOT know the source of your food.

– Anthony Nicalo on Hacking the Food System: Eliminating Information Asymmetry

Bite-Size Foodtree Quip – Episode #47

As Anthony was wrapping up at Books to Cooks (as seen in the past few episodes) he was asked some questions about Foodtree. Here’s a little bit of what he had to share.

Interesting Vancouver’s Foodtree

Tonight is one of Vancouver's most unique gatherings, taking place at the Rowing Club in Stanley Park. The event, called Interesting Vancouver, brings together a handful of speakers from extremely varied walks of life to present new and thought provoking ideas to a crowd of about a hundred.

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Want To Join Our Team?

Earlier today our CEO, Anthony Nicalo, posted on his blog regarding our desire to bring more team members on board.  We’re very excited about the next release of our platform, and we want to bring motivated and talented people on board who will help us continue to improve it.

There’s more info over here, so get in touch if you or someone you know would be a great fit!

Want to be part of the solution? Foodtree is currently hiring whipsmart database and Rails wizards to join our small team. We’re in an early phase, so there is an opportunity to share the risks and rewards. We want more people like us, who care more about fixing our food system than a guaranteed paycheck. Email me (anthony at if you are interested.

Get Involved In Your Food Community

I wanted to drop in and reach out to the community to explain some of the things we are going to do so that you guys can start participating right away.

We’re building foodtree to help everyone find food that makes them happy. We’re building it so that the people growing, raising, or catching our food and drink have a great way to share their hard work with citizens. Simply throwing up a website that acts like a phone book for farmers wouldn’t accomplish these goals very well, right?


The first thing we’ve got for you is a bit of a photo movement. It’s simple, really. When you’re out and about shopping for food, wine, coffee, or anything you’ll be consuming, take two seconds to look at the labels surrounding you. Especially look at the ones you see on whole foods; fruit, vegetables, meats, and the rest.

Then pull out your phone and snap a photo.

After that, put it on Flickr and tag it with “foodtree”. If you’re using an App that let’s you geotag the photo (that means you can tag specific locational data to a photo – this kind of functionality is still a bit rare on most phones) we’d encourage you to do that too.

We’re going to do some pretty cool stuff with these photos. For now, it’s a way for anyone who likes the idea of knowing more about their food to immediately start participating in the effort to make finding that kind of information super easy.

If you don’t have a Flickr account, grab one here (they’re free, and a great way to manage your online photos). Did you know you can email your photos to Flickr?

And hey, while you’re at it, join the foodtree Flickr group!

– Derek