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Finding new beer startup Churchkey Can Co’s beer @churchkeycanco

Late last week we caught a blog post on tech publication Techcrunch about Church Key Can Co, a young company in Portland, Oregon that’s turning heads by producing beer that requires churchkeys to open. From the article:

The cans are the old-timey variety that you probably haven’t seen since the 60s. They’re made of fully-recyclable steel, and require a churchkey opener to get into. You puncture one corner of the top, then make a deeper puncture on the other side to drink out of. Ever noticed a triangle-shaped piece of metal on the other end of some bottle openers? It’s for these types of cans.

The company is backed by a set of people in the technology world, so it caught our attention as a foodtech startup. We investigated a bit further and wondered where we might find and try this beer, because the churchkey thing is cool, but what does the beer actually taste like, right?

The company’s website lists the places, but it really isn’t all that helpful. There’s no map and no information for these places, like even a phone number to call and check if they’re carrying Churchkey.

So we took their retail list and crunched the data.

Click here to see their Where to Buy map, which gives you a good feel for where you can find Churchkey. Our mobile app now has this information in it as well for people on the go. And if you do find Churchkey somewhere you can verify these places by sharing a photo of the beer cans on Foodtree.

Have you had their beer yet? How was it?

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