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Join Foodtree at Feast of Fields

The Farmfolk Cityfolk yearly fundraising event, Feast of Fields, is happening this Sunday, September 11th. As mentioned previously, our chef skilled Team Foodtree members will be on site at the Slow Food Vancouver tent.

Anthony Nicalo and Sarah Reinertsen (our CEO & COO respectively) are donating their time and will be preparing and serving ceviche using ingredients obtained from both local and fair trade sources.

Thank you to these producers and distributors for donating the following items:
Organic Ocean – pink salmon
Langley Organic Growers – cilantro and radishes
Pro Organics –  limes from Anrave, jalapeños from Del Cabo, red peppers from Origin O & Back to Eden, shallots from Coke Farm, and cucumbers from Sage Greenhouses.

If you’re attending this weekend drop by the Slow Food Vancouver tent to try these tasty treats prepared by Sarah and Anthony. Tickets are sold out for the Metro Vancouver Feast of Fields, but they have another coming up at a Vancouver Island location on September 18th. Check their web site for details.

Happy feasting.

Local Food Shift Launches in Boulder

Local Food Shift is a collaboration between Foodtree and Boulder-based organization, Transition Colorado, the first officially-recognized Transition initiative in North America. Together we’re creating tools and processes to empower the local food movement in communities globally.

About Local Food Shift
Most of the food we eat comes from sources hundreds or thousands of miles away. Local Food Shift is working to help bring every community’s “foodshed” closer to home.

Little by little, we’re shifting the global diet to the local, to food that is raised, caught, processed, cooked, distributed and sold by people in your community or nearby, people that you know and trust.

In most communities, less than three precent of food consumption is locally-grown and locally-produced. We’re inviting everyone— individuals, families, businesses, schools, restaurants, and institutions—to devote up to 10 percent of their food budget to local food.

If you’d like to know more, the Local Food Shift team will be on location at the Boulder Farmers Market today (July 20, 2011) from 4pm to 8pm, and ongoing every Wednesday and Saturday. They’ll be encouraging the community to take the 10% local food shift pledge, and also demonstrating the Foodtree iphone app.

Come on out and get local with your food.

Food, Glorious Food: Anthony on Green with Envy Radio Show

On Thursday Anthony will be part of a panel of guests on Green with Envy, hosted by Peter ter Weeme on World Talk Radio. The theme of the show is Food, Glorious Food.

About the episode:

There’s nothing more intimate we do each day than eat. With every bite we take, we trust that what we enjoy is healthy and nutritious, or at least not bad for us. We also rely on people and systems around the globe to keep us stocked with the food we need for a plentiful and varied diet. But it’s a complicated dynamic and the more we know about our food, the more we connect with its sources, the better for us and the planet. Join us this week as we explore inspiring stories of people who are connecting people to their local food sources, helping reduce the environmental impact of food production, and bringing communities together.

To hear the show live please tune in here at 10 am (PST) on Thursday June 30th. An archive of the episode will also be available at the same link.

The Mobile Garden Dress

When art meets food and gardening there are interesting things that can happen.

Nicole Dextras is a Vancouver artist who creates environmental art and ephemeral installations based on the principles of a socially engaged art practice. Her latest project is the Mobile Garden Dress which is part of her on-going series of wearable sculpture called Weedrobes. The garden dress is an interactive installation and performance piece being presented this week at the Vancouver International Children’s Festival.

The main structure of the Mobile Garden Dress is handmade from 100% compostable materials gathered by Nicole, and the hoop skirt is filled with live potted herbs and vegetables. The garment is worn by model Nita Bowerman and her interactions with children and adults are centred around educating and encouraging the audience to grow their own produce.

It’s a beautiful idea of bringing the garden to the public and giving it a human voice. Imagine if your garden could speak to you…

The Mobile Garden Dress can be seen on location at Granville Island until Saturday June 4th. For more awesome work by Nicole Dextras please check out her web site.

(All photos credited to Nicole Dextras)

Scenes from the Kitsilano Farmers Market #vanfarmers

Despite the rainy weather last Sunday, opening day saw the Kitsilano Farmers Market packed with people looking for fresh local food. The Foodtree team was in attendance talking with vendors, taking photos, and doing a bit of shopping of our own.

There was a great mix of tempting products available and I went home with baked goods, tulips, and my beloved asparagus. I took many photos that morning because everyone seemed to have something beautiful or delicious.

Kitsilano Farmers Market: radishes

Kitsilano Farmers Market: spring onions
Radishes and spring onions from Cropthorne Farm

Kitsilano Farmers Market: yellow oyster mushrooms
Yellow oyster mushroom from Hui’s Farm

Kitsilano Farmers Market: tulips
Tulips from Anna Blumen Design

Kitsilano Farmers Market: Honey
Jars of honey from Jane’s Honey Bees

Kitsilano Farmers Market: The Flour Peddlar
Flour grown and processed in BC from The Flour Peddlar

Kitsilano Farmers Market: tomatoes
Hot house cherry tomatoes from Celyddon Farm

Kitsilano Farmers Market: apples
Apples from Klippers Organics.

Next up for the Vancouver farmers market are the openings of both the West End and Main Street Station markets at the beginning of June.

As mentioned in our previous blog post, we will be launching an iPhone app in late June with a focus on farmers markets. We’re always looking for more beta testers so please add yourself to this form if you’d like to participate!

Kitsilano Farmers Market Opening #vanfarmers

The Vancouver Farmers Market awesomeness continues this weekend with the opening of the Kitsilano Market on Sunday. There are fifty two vendors at this market for your food shopping pleasure, and four food trucks in case you need second breakfast or lunch.

Violinists @ Kits Farmers Market

The Kitsilano Market is located in the parking lot of the Kits Community Centre on 10th Avenue near Larch. It will be open 10am to 2pm every Sunday, starting this weekend until October 23rd.

Our team will again be onsite for the market opening. You can follow what we’re up to @foodtree on twitter, or use the hashtag #vanfarmers.

A Week Hiatus

As you may have noticed, there haven’t been Foodtree TV episodes this week. That’s because we’re taking a quick break and looking back on the 100+ episodes we’ve put out there, listening to the Foodtree TV devotees and are now deciding to reorgainze how we deliver Food For Thought to you.

We’ll be back next week with 1 or 2 episodes a week where Anthony will focus more on cooking techniques, perhaps invite some guests to chat, and a slew of other food things! If you want to see anything in particular comment below and we’ll try it out.

Until next week, happy eating