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SXSW Where to Eat Map, a collaboration with Food+Tech Connect, Eat Well Guide, and Animal Welfare Approved

South by Southwest Interactive is a yearly conference in Austin, Texas that brings together engineers, entrepreneurs, and technology companies looking to share best practices, see emerging trends, and connect over the exciting developments happening around the world. Anthony, our CEO, is in Austin this weekend taking in the event, so if you’re there and want to connect you can ping him on twitter: @tonynicalo

Where to Eat in Austin

We got together with Food+Tech Connect, Eat Well Guide, and the Animal Welfare Approved to cultivate a list of stand-out food spots in town, and you might be surprised to hear it’s not all barbecue! Head to to install the app on any mobile phone and to consult the list while you’re looking for your next meal.

The collaboration on the mobile app culminates tomorrow night during a special dinner event called Networked Food System. The gathering will welcome innovators, entrepreneurs, government officials and food systems experts to a delicious dinner and conversation about the direction our food system is headed. Our team tracked down the origin of all the food served during their meal and included that in the app well.

Below are some screenshots from the SXSW Where to Eat app and the menu being served tomorrow night at the NFS dinner.

If you’re in Austin this weekend make sure you drop by the Better Food Through Open Data Standards panel tomorrow at 12:30pm to hear Anthony and a panel of experts discuss how recipe sites, restaurant menu wranglers, open government developers, urban agronomists, provenance geeks and food policy activists are collaborating on an interoperable standard.

Growing Chefs Local Food Challenge Week – August 14-20 #vanfarmers

We’re happy to share with you an upcoming challenge from the good people at Growing Chefs, which we’re encouraging anyone, anywhere to take part in however they can.

Growing Chefs is a non-profit in Vancouver that runs a Classroom Garden Program in elementary schools to get kids excited about growing, cooking, and eating good, healthy food. At Foodtree, we’re well aware of the critical importance that children play in the evolution of our food system…parents are responsible for feeding their kids, and often that mandate heavily influences their food purchases and diet.

In addition, educating children on the nature of real food can be an effective way to influence their health throughout their lives.

To raise money to support their cause as well as to increase awareness of local food producers, Growing Chefs is having a Local Food Challenge week, beginning August 14th.

You can find all the details here, and if you so choose you can set a fundraising target to benefit the organization.

It’s like a 5k or 10k for charity, but less running and more eating!

  1. Sign up today to eat local from August 14th to August 20th. Create a profile and campaign on their nifty new pledge site. Set a fundraising goal for yourself. Ask your friends and family to pledge you by using the new site.
  2. Join up as a team, business, or family. Share the fundraising and local eating challenge among your group. You can each take a day to eat local and raise money for Growing Chefs!
  3. Pledge one of the participants.
  4. Spread the word! Share this challenge on Twitter, Facebook, and via email.
  5. Make a general donation to the campaign and help them meet their goal! (Please note, as a registered non-profit, they are unable to issue CRA tax receipts).

Using the Foodtree App during the Challenge

Our free app makes it easy to see what kind of food is fresh and local in your community; open it up and check out the What’s Fresh screen. You’ll see the most recent food photos shared near you, as well as where you can buy the food itself.

Taking photos while you’re shopping at the farmers market is another way to get involved; help people determine the kinds of foods available to them locally, as well as where they can find it.

If you decide to take the challenge, let us know via these comments or on our Facebook page. We’ll be having a special event at the end of that week that you won’t want to miss!

Vote: Unlock your food community in the Foodtree app!

Who gets unlocked next? Vote for your community below!

Bonus: The first community to 20 votes earns those voters free “Know Your Food” t-shirts.

The next release for the Foodtree app is on its way with a bushel of new features, improvements, and tweaks suggested to us by you; our community.

If you have further feedback or ideas, don’t hesitate to share them with us.

Let’s Unlock Your Community!

Unlocking Foodtree in your community is up to you.

It is a matter of having enough people in the area who’d like to celebrate their local food producers.

If enough of your friends and neighbors show us they care about their food culture by voting in this poll, we’ll add your farmers markets and food producers to the application and you can all start sharing with one another.

I Don’t See My Community Above

We have a forum for food lovers to let us know they wanted their community unlocked in the mobile app…if you don’t see your community in this poll you can suggest it there!

The rest is up to you and your friends, fans, and neighbors. Spread the word and put your city at the top of this poll, and we’ll unlock your community!  We’ll be aiming to unlock our next round of communities in just over a week so get out there and spread the word!

Tweet: Vote for our community to be unlocked in the @foodtree app; share photos of fresh local food and where it’s from!

Don’t forget: we’re sending free “Know Your Food” t-shirts to the voters in the community who rally the first 20 votes!

A Farm Uses Foodtree To Photo Fresh Food BEFORE The Market

We just noticed this…Forstbauer Family Natural Food Farm is using the Foodtree app to let their customers know what’s about to be available at a local farmers market tonight…HOW GREAT IS THAT?

Check out Forstbauer’s profile and photo stream here.

The stream’s latest are photos of food recently harvested, taken by the farm themselves, and available tonight at the Royal City Farmers Market in New Westminster, just outside of Vancouver.

Talk about fresh, real time food insights. 

This is a truly innovative way for communities to see fresh food nearby, where they go to buy it, and who it’s made by.

If you’re reading this post and you’re near that market, why not head down and grab some Zuccinni Blossoms or Strawberries?

Want to beta test our iPhone app?

If you’re in Vancouver and you visit farmers markets, let us know if you’d like to be an early tester for our iPhone app, coming out late next month. Testing starts soon, and we want as much feedback and possible!

The app will focus on taking photographs of the food you’re seeing in our local farmers markets, with a nod to witnessing what’s in season while it’s in season!

In order to get on the beta test list you just need to drop your basic info into this form.

iPhone App for Foodtree

Screen shot above is not in fact from the app itself. It’s actually from our mobile site, which you’ll see if you visit on your phone.