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Grilling the Salmon For Information – Episode #7

Anthony grills up the two salmon filets he prepared in episode #6 and recaps where the salmon’s from.

Watch and learn some techniques for having a nice medium-rare salmon, and take it from the Foodtree team: it was delicious!

Salmon Filets for Everyone – Episode #6

Wondering how to prep your salmon in this Vancouver salmon rush? Well watch this video and you’ll be fileting your way to the bank…or at least the grill. At the same time Anthony takes a moment to consider some of the details of where the salmon came from.

Stay tuned for an upcoming episode where Anthony grills the fish at Foodtree HQ.

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Skipper Otto- Gone Fishing

My family and I were at the dock for the send off party for Skipper Otto. We’re members of his community supported fishery with our friend Grace. It is an awesome way to get great fish (which means delicious, good fishing practices, known provenance, etc). Otto’s daughter-in-law, Sonia, helps run the business and is generally amazing. Otto recently had hip surgery and stubbornly managed to get out on the boat at the start of the season even though he was on crutches. It’s really the kind of dedication you only see (and required) in fishermen and farmers.