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Come celebrate local farmers, fresh food, and our new iPhone app!

Foodtree and the City of Vancouver are excited to invite food lovers and food geeks to participate in the launch of an innovative citizen-driven tool for sharing information about our local food system.

WHAT: Foodtree + City of Vancouver iPhone app launch!

WHERE/WHEN: Trout Lake Farmers Market July 2nd, & Kitsilano Farmers Market July 3rd

RSVP via Plancast or just show up!

Beginning 10am on July 2nd at the Trout Lake Farmers Market, we’ll be introducing a free mobile phone application that allows users to interact with growers, producers and food at our local farmers markets. The app lets users share photos of fresh food around them, where that food is found and who produced it.

At both markets, folks will be invited to participate in a lively scavenger hunt with other community leaders, elected officials, chefs and innovators who are passionate about food, sustainability and citizen engagement with our food system. We’ll be giving participants prizes ranging from Farmers Market Dollars and food truck coupons to handsome new Foodtree swag.

We’ll loan smart phones for demonstration purposes and real-time results will be broadcast on screens at the Foodtree/ City of Vancouver booth.

Trout Lake Farmers Market July 2nd, 10am to 2pm[map]

Kitsilano Farmers Market July 3rd, 10am to 2pm [map]

This project has emerged at a unique time. The City of Vancouver is driving global leadership in urban food systems. Foodtree is committed to helping people understand where their food comes from, who produces it, and who handles it as it travels from its source to their plate. The app is an exciting result of the synergies between our missions.

The entire weekend will be plenty of fun for the whole family. Please come down to one of the farmers markets and stop by the Foodtree tent!

#Startups & #Entrepreneurs, Apply to Launch @ GROW

It’s Saturday.

You’ve had your coffee.

You’re working the weekend, and you haven’t applied to Launch @ GROW.

Fix that, right now.

Here are the details:

What is Launch @ GROW

Launch Party is teaming up with Dealmaker Media to host the Opening Reception of the Grow Conference on August 17. Startups from across Canada can compete for a chance to showoff at Launch @ GROW. Only 15 startups will be chosen to showoff on August 17 and 4 lucky startups will have the opportunity to pitch live on stage at the full-day GROW Conference on August 18. To be considered, nominate your startup by June 17, 2011.

Nominate Your Startup

All you have to do is upload a short 2 minute video or photo with a description of your company to the Launch @ GROW startup competition site by June 17, 2011

Why You Shouldn’t Miss It

With over 600 attendees including top tier investors, entrepreneurs and influencers from Canada and Silicon Valley, Launch @ GROW provides you with loads of exposure and is a great platform for you to tell the world your startup story.

Awesome Line up of Judges:

Exposure to great investors, who actively invest or are looking to invest in Canada:

Boris Wertz, Dave McClure, Mike Edwards, Christiaan Vorkink, Chris Arsenault, Kent Goldman, Lars Leckie, and JS Cournoyer

Do It, Now

Contractually Interviews Anthony

We’ve been using a new contract platform called Contractually a bunch lately, and as they improve their product they asked our CEO to sit down to chat about his motivations behind Foodtree, and his experience with their product.

An excerpt:

“Food is one of those things that isn’t optional. Food is the glue of humanity. I worked in my grandfather’s garden as soon as I could walk and I grew up cooking with my grandmother. I’m not a foodie. I’ve cooked in Michelin-starred restaurants and I can make fussy food, but it’s not something that interests me. I think of food as a must-have, not a nice-to-have.” 

Click here to read more!

Main Street Farmers Market in Vancouver tomorrow! #vanfarmers

Vancouver is about to explode with Canucks pride, having earned the right to fight for their first Stanley Cup title ever if they defeat the Boston Bruins, starting tomorrow night. They have come close in the past…one game away, in fact*…and aim for this to be the year that Lord Stanley’s Cup spends some quality time in BC.

Also tomorrow is the Main Street market opening, which you can stop by and still make it home with plenty of time to see the Game 1 national anthems being sung. The market is open from 3pm to 7pm, and in honor of the hockey game you’ll be welcomed with a few special treats!

  • prizes for kids who come to market in Canucks gear
  • they’ll be playing the game on the radio for listeners
  • 15% and free market money transactions for those in Canucks gear
  • Canucks score guessing game – pay $1 and guess how many goals the Canucks will score. Entries with correct guess will be entered to win a prize!
As for the Foodtree team, well, we’ll be heading over early to pick up some fresh food for dinner during the game. If you’re there, let us know!
Don’t forget…if you’re on twitter, we’re using the #vanfarmers hashtag to celebrate our local producers this season!

*That one game is, of course, the loss to the Rangers in 1994 that was nearly tied in the third period with a shot off the post, and sparked a series of riots in downtown Vancouver. This year, we shall celebrate!

Tomorrow’s Farmers Market! #vanfarmers

Trout Lake Farmers Market

Headed to Vancouver’s Trout Lake Farmers Market tomorrow? We know we are…nearly our entire team will be there (a few of us have to stay keep plugging along in the Treehouse, boo). If you are there, we’ll be tweeting and using the #VanFarmers hashtag to record the day.

Why the #VanFarmers hashtag?

Hashtags let everyone monitor a specific conversation…to pull it out of the stream of other things happening on Twitter.

We’ll be able to look at the conversation celebrating the season and its food producers quite easily if we’re using the hashtag to track it.

Following the hashtag is easy. You can head to and search the hashtag to get a stream of tweets that include it.

There are also tools that make tracking a hashtag easy (most include other features for using social media), Hootsuite being the one of choice here at Foodtree. Other tools include deeper social media solutions like Seesmic or Tweetdeck, and lighter ‘listening’ tools like TweetChat or Monitter.

Mission #VanFarmers

If you want to join us in a little mission, we’re using an interesting new tool called to track the #vanfarmers hashtag as a celebration of local food producers. To join us you just join our mission: Celebrate Vancouver’s Local Food Producers

Foodtree Mobile Web

You can also see from the screenshot above that we have a mobile layer on Foodtree that you’ll see if you visit from your smart phone. The mobile map represents food assets near you; farmers markets and restaurants near you.

We’ll be updating our mobile site throughout the season to deliver more information to you while you’re out moving around, but our attention is also on building a dedicated iPhone app, which you can sign up to beta test here.

Enjoy your weekend!