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Five Tips To Make Food-Related Newsletters A Joy To Read

Email newsletters are yet another powerful tool food businesses can use to promote what they do, highlight products, and keep themselves top of mind with customers. A really good newsletter keeps customers engaged, and wanting to know more, in a cost effective way.

Sounds easy right? The reality is it takes a lot of work, and most importantly, a commitment of time to put together a good newsletter.

To help you attract and retain subscribers, here are five tips for creating an awesome email newsletter that food business owners should keep in mind:

Don’t Forget The Visuals

Including photos in a newsletter is another way to grab the attention of your subscribers – especially when it comes to food.

Keep them hungry for more (or just make them hungry) by sharing photos of the latest CSA produce box, the results of experiments with a new type of flour in the baking, or whatever best illustrates the written text. Photos can add life and colour to the written word and provide a compelling reason to keep subscribers coming back.

We may be biased, but using the Foodtree app to snap you photos is a good place to start!

Keep Things Catchy

An interesting subject line is the first step in getting people to open your newsletter.

Remember, your newsletter is just one of many emails arriving in your customers inbox so use that subject line to grab their attention so they’ll read it rather than delete it. Keep it relevant to your subject matter and be careful not to sound spammy.

Tip: Don’t think about the subject as a “title”, but rather approach it as if you ran into your reader on the street; be personable!

Be Consistent In Format And Keep It Short

People like to know what to expect, so establish a consistant format for your messages. Maybe you include a recipe with each letter. Maybe you share a recent photo of your farm or restaurant. Find something that’s “you” and include it every time.

The look of the newsletter should be consistent with your existing branding and include your logo, address, and contact information.

Use a template provided by your newsletter program (try Mailchimp or Mad Mimi) to create a layout that will work well with the information you plan to convey to customers and clients.

Keep the newsletter short and easy to read without overwhelming the reader with information. People tend to skim rather than read long emails so err on the side of short and to the point.

Exclusive Offers For Subscribers

Do you run a CSA? Do you bring seasonal food to market? Do you have a special menu or time of day when some foods are freshest?

Reward those faithful newsletter subscribers with exclusive offers or insider information!

If customers are interested enough to subscribe and keep reading then make it worth their while to stick around. Rewards can come in the form of discounts, random prize draws, or special offers only for newsletter subscribers.

People like to be insiders, so show them they’re appreciated.

Create Compelling Content!

This is the most important tip of all. Focus your efforts on making your newsletter a pleasure to open and read.

Find the right balance between conveying information related to your business, and keeping things light and fun to read. It’s also not a bad idea to try and make your readers hungry! There’s nothing more compelling than that mouth-watering feeling we get when great food is in front of us.

A great newsletter should become a treat to your subscribers inbox, so include content you think they’ll enjoy and think about it like a face-to-face conversation. It shouldn’t be all about you. In fact, it’s better if it’s not; who wants to talk with someone who just talks about themselves?

Put time into gathering news, facts, or stories for your newsletter that your readers won’t find anywhere else. Share your insights into the industry, or relay exciting news from your customers. Find a unique way to connect with your readers so that they feel like they know you, and you’ll find they keep coming back for more. You’ll quickly realize that your newsletter can actually be an important tool in bringing you business in the future!

Got Tips?

Add your newsletter tips in the comments! We’d love to hear them! We’ll keep them in mind when sending out our next Foodsletter (sign up here)!

Photo by Ned on Foodtree.