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Foodtree iPhone App Launch Recap

Last night we  celebrated our iPhone app launch with the Food Security Council and City of Vancouver at Creekside Community Center. It was a truly great event focused on the state of our local food community and the food system at large.

Thanks to everyone who was there for all the feedback you gave us on the app. Click here to get the app!

The view wasn’t bad, huh? :)

local food, vancouver local food, vancouver food security

The event followed a day full of great feedback and support from our community of users and food lovers. It was really incredible, and on behalf of the entire team I want to thank everyone for their enthusiasm. I could go on and on but showing you is faster:

local food, food, vancouver local food, farmers market app

That was right alongside communities all over the world reaching out to help us unlock their cities.

The local press was great about covering the event last night as well. See coverage in The Tyee here, and the Vancouver Observer here.

Anthony was on World Talk Radio this morning as well. Listen to that here.

Heck, we even trended in Vancouver on Twitter for a bit! Geeks get excited about this kind of thing:

vancouver twitter trend, local food, vancouver local food, farmers market app

Thank you again everyone, and we know we’re not done. We’re working hard to keep improving the app and our platform at large. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with feedback or ideas!

The Foodtree iPhone App Is Available!

The Foodtree app is available today! Click here to download!

We’d be extremely grateful if you’d also give our app a quick star rating + review as well. We’ll be watching the feedback closely for future releases!

What’s Fresh Near You!

The app is a photo sharing app for celebrating fresh food!

When you open the app you’ll see a What’s Fresh tab, which is a collection of the latest food photos from your local farmers markets, shared by people in your community.  Think of it as a real-time visual guide for fresh food near you.

If you’re not at the farmers market, it’ll make you want to go:)

Take Photos Of Fresh Food

Our app is meant to bring us closer to fresh food and the people who provide that food for us.

As you take photos of the food around you, you’re asked to identify where you found it and where it’s from. As you navigate the app you’ll find photo streams for farms, farmers markets, and other food sources taken by you and other users near you. Each photo can be shared on Facebook and Twitter, which will create a web page displaying the photo and celebrating it’s sources.

This is an opportunity for all of us to participate in our food community, while having a lot of fun and connecting with other food lovers.

We really hope you like the app and look forward to making it even better as you give us feedback.

Questions or just want to say hi? Email!

Just a quick warning…the app is only activated for Vancouver, BC and Boulder, CO…two of the world’s foremost food communities and home to a vibrant and growing community of Foodtree supporters. If you’d like us to activate your city’s food community, let us know here.

Thanks For All The Support!