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Why Vancouver Restaurant Owners Are Putting QR Codes On Their Menus (And You Should Too)

Restaurants are often proud of who they're sourcing from, and this is a simple way to let their customers join them in celebrating the farms, wineries, breweries, and other artisans that put food on the best menus in town.

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Anthony on Hacking the Food System

Danielle Gould’s Food+Tech Connect is one of the leading publications online that’s focused on the intersection of technology and food. Recently she’s been hosting a deeply thoughtful discussion exploring the ways that technology, information and data can change the food system status quo.

Our CEO Anthony Nicalo is today’s guest author, so take a minute to check it out. [link]

We live in a backward world. A world where it is strange to know where our food comes from. Foods that are grown and processed without adulteration have to prove it, while the use of chemicals and manipulation do not have to be disclosed.

Information and technology on the other hand can contribute to a better food system by eliminating information asymmetry. It only takes a couple of times choosing something you know the provenance of to remind you that it is actually bizarre to NOT know the source of your food.

– Anthony Nicalo on Hacking the Food System: Eliminating Information Asymmetry