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Food is not safe today


EVERY day, about 200,000 Americans are sickened by contaminated food. Every year, about 325,000 are hospitalized by a food-borne illness. And the number who are killed annually by something they ate is roughly the same as the number of Americans who’ve been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2003.

Those estimates, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suggest the scale of the problem. But they fail to convey the human toll. The elderly and people with compromised immune systems face an elevated risk from food-borne pathogens like listeria, campylobacter and salmonella. By far the most vulnerable group, however, are children under the age of 4.” From the NYT

—-While government has a role to play in providing a baseline of standards, we need new levels of verification too. In a food system grounded in transparency, we all have a role to play in food safety. With more information citizens could more readily participate and verify practices. One thing is certain- government verification is not sufficient.