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Food Advocate Profile: Niles Brooks & @cleanplatesnyc

Our mission at Foodtree is to connect people with where their food comes from. With this in mind we’re highlighting individuals who work in the intersection of food & technology we think do a fantastic job of contributing, promoting, and building the global food scene on a local level. We call them Food Advocates.

This post is part of a series to highlight the people involved in an upcoming SXSW panel talk: Better Food Through Open Data Standards.

About Clean Plates and Niles Brooks: Niles Brooks is the Technical co-founder and Digital Product Manager at Clean Plates. They’re a startup company that has put together a comprehensive database of restaurants in New York serving nutritious, eco-friendly food catering to every dietary preference. Carnivores, vegetarians, vegans, or a gluten-free eater can find it all here. The information is available on their web site and as a printed guide book.

What we love about Clean Plate: Their emphasis is on healthy eating and quality of life through better food choices. The team at Clean Plate has put a considerable amount of work into making sure New Yorkers can make informed decisions about the food on their plate when eating at a restaurant, and not sacrifice taste or principles. They also have awesome advice on how to eat sustainably, which you should read.

Find Clean Plate online: web site | Twitter | Facebook