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5 Food-Related Kickstarter Projects That End Soon Which You Should Know About

Kickstarter is a platform that lets people micro-fund projects in order to make them a reality. Each project sets a goal for the money they need to get themselves off the ground or to a specific milestone, and the community pitches in donations to ones they believe in. Projects range from creative efforts like movies and music albums to small businesses in a wide array of industries.

We thought we’d spend some time looking at the open projects related to food, and pick a few favorites that we thought you might enjoy knowing about or contributing to.

To be clear, we’re not affiliated with any of these projects and don’t know the people behind them.  We wish them and the other food efforts running Kickstarters right now the best of luck.

Healthy Fast-Food Revolution: The Beet Box

We are University of Michigan students launching a healthy food cart that will make transformative changes for you and your community – one healthy, delicious meal at a time!  By co-promoting with local health businesses and non-profits and “rewarding” customers for pursuing healthy lifestyles, The Beet Box not only provides healthful, nourishing and tantalizing food, it fosters what we have coined, “Strong-Health Empowerment.”

Kickstarter Page | Website

North Mountain Pastures

With the slaughter of livestock comes great responsibility – we believe their blood is on our hands and must be put to appropriate end use. To give homage to the lives and deaths of our animals, we want to express the utmost appreciation and gratitude for the gift of good meat. Beautiful Bacon.

We ask for money to help launch an on-farm, naturally raised and processed cured meat business –one of the first of this kind in the country. Help us create a food culture marked by quality and integrity.

Kickstarter Page | Website

The Urban Canopy ROOFTOP Farm!

Our vision is to show how rooftop farming is a vital part of the urban agriculture movement to create a sustainable and equitable food system. Join us by helping us grow fruits & vegetables, organically & sustainably on the roof. The rewards for your pledges include options to visit us for a tour, cool gear, fresh produce, and even come by to volunteer on the rooftop!

With a pilot farm on the rooftop of an ex-meatpacking factory, in the “Back of the Yards” neighborhood on the south side of Chicago, we used only 125 square feet to grow about 75 pounds of greens, chards, tomatoes, and peppers. Imagine what we can do next year with a 3000 square foot farm?! Please support this project as we take the next leap forward to change the way we grow and eat food.

Kickstarter Page | Website | Twitter


Bike·a·Bee began as tiny glimmer of an idea I had while beekeeping in Eugene, Oregon, during the summer of 2011. One of the most unexpected and enjoyable aspects of my experience there was becoming a part of the larger community. The beekeeper with whom I was working not only had a bee yard at his home, but he also had more than 13 others scattered throughout the city.

I took this sense of community with me back to Chicago upon my return last fall. I wanted to care for my own hives, but I didn’t have the yardspace I needed in the city. I searched for greenspaces around town in the same manner as my beekeeping friend in Oregon. As I spoke with urban spaces, farms, and gardens, the feedback was quite encouraging. Meanwhile, I figured out a bike trailer system so that I could care for the bees and ride from hive-to-hive in the most eco-friendly fashion. I’m a year-round cyclist and can’t stomach the idea of owning (and paying for) a car. So with that, Bike·a·Bee was born!

Kickstarter Page | Website

Global Village Fruits

When I found out that the delicious dried jackfruit I tasted in Kerala, India, isn’t available in the U.S. (gasp!), a dream was born. Global Village Fruits is a socially responsible company to bring the world’s best fruits to the palm of your hand—starting with India’s jackfruit.

Kickstarter Page

There’s More…

If you’d like to browse the rest of the food related Kickstarter projects, click here.

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