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3 Free 4-Star Grocery List Apps for Smartphones You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Whether or not you like the process of shopping for food, the key to a successful trip to the grocery store is putting together a good list. Sometimes this can make all the difference in not forgetting about the toilet paper or dish soap you so badly need.

I was curious to see how many different apps for grocery shopping are available on the market, and of course there are many. For the purposes of our list, I decided to focus on apps rated with at least four stars and that are free to download. The grocery app world is full of apps that cost money, but these three do a great job despite without costing you extra money!

OurGroceries by Headcode.

Rated 4 stars. Free Download.

I have the OurGroceries app and use it for weekly food shopping. What I like about it is my partner and I can share one shopping list between our two iphones and we both have the ability to add items. It has a very simple interface that allows us to create multiple lists according to where we shop, or even break down needed items into recipes. As you shop the items can be crossed off with one click, and all items are saved to be added another time.

Available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

Grocery Smart by Handmark Inc.

Rated 4.5 stars. Free Download.

Grocery Smart sounds similar to OurGroceries. It supports syncing and sharing lists across multiple users and devices. Users can also add items via a web interface that can be updated to the app. This is really useful when one member of the family doesn’t have a smartphone, but they do have the internet and a computer. Lists can be organized by store, and also sorted by department, and items can be checked off as you shop.

Available for iPhone & Android.

Simple Grocery List by Route 1 Software.

Rated 4 stars. Free Dowload.

The Simple Grocery List app aims to be as simple as the paper list you once kept on your fridge (or still do). It comes pre-loaded with the most common grocery items, which you can rearrange, add to, or delete as you need. Lists can be emailed from your device and also imported into the app from email. There are also multiple themes available for you to customize the interface.

Available for iPhone.

Do you have a favorite shopping list app we haven’t mentioned here?

Please tell us about it the comments!

Image by Sarah on Foodtree.

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  1. Joel #

    The four most important and most useful food shopping applications for me are 1) ‘s “Dirty Dozen”; 2) Eden Recipes; 3) ShopNoGMO and 4) Seafood Watch.

    February 6, 2012
  2. Joel,

    Thanks for the suggestions. We’ll check them out; maybe feature them in a follow up for this post!


    February 7, 2012

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