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5 Really Helpful iPhone apps for People with Food Allergies

Brussels Sprouts on Foodtree

People with food allergies have to stay more informed about the food they eat than the average eater. It’s often a case of life or death!

As such, I was curious to do a bit of research into apps that cater to a restricted diet.

Below, I’ve selected five of the most useful and interesting apps I came across that focus on helping people with allergies. I think this is an excellent variety pack of tools for people to use in coping with food allergies.

Please let us know in the comments if you have more suggestions!

MyFoodFacts, by VISDATEC INC.

Rated 4+. Cost: $1.99

MyFoodFacts is a useful tool for detecting food allergens in processed food products. The app uses the iPhone camera to scan the UPC barcode found on most food label packaging, and cross references this information with a database of thousands of food products. The app alerts users if an allergen is found they may be allergic to, based upon their custom requirements. This also includes common derivatives associated with with the list of allergens and intolerances.

Available for iPhone.

myAllergies Food Diary, by MyHealth Software Ltd.

Rated 4+. Cost: $2.99

MyAllergies Food Diary helps users track their daily intake of food and drink along with symptoms potentially related to food allergies (i.e. headache, rash, upset stomach, etc). The app includes an analysis tool to cross references a list of foods or drinks and identifies the links between these and the potential symptoms. Detailed results for each food/drink includes more specific information and a histogram showing your symptoms over time.

Available for iPhone.

Cook IT Allergy Free, by My Allergy Free Recipes, LLC.

Rated 4+. Cost: $4.99

Cook IT Allergy Free is a recipe app that caters to people with food allergies. All the recipes are gluten-free but are customizable to cater to every type of food allergy sufferer. There are over two hundred recipes included in the app with more being added all the time. Each one allows the user to trade out allergen ingredients and substitute with a safe alternative that works with the recipe. Customized recipes can be saved to a grocery list of ingredients, or shared with others through email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Available for iPhone & iPad.

iCanEat OnTheGo Gluten & Allergen Free, by AllergyFree Passport

Rated 4+. Cost: $2.99

iCanEat OnTheGo is an app that assists users in making gluten and allergen-free food choices from chain restaurant menus. It includes places like McDonald’s, KFC, Arby’s and other fastfood restaurants and allows users to customize menu selections to eliminate food items they are allergic to. It’s healthier meal choices while eating on the go.

Available for iPhone & iPad.

Food Additives 2, by IGRASS PTY LTD

Rated 4+. Cost: $3.99

If you’ve ever wanted to have more information about food additives at your fingertips, then this is the app for you. The Food Additives 2 app is a self-contained database of additives in food which includes information about affects on health, maximum daily intake, food products associated with the additives, etc. It’s especially relevant for those with food allergies because it allows them to lookup ingredients with those long scientific sounding names, which often turn out to contain allergens.

Available for iPhone & iPad.

Add your own in the comments!

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