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How-To: Share Foodtree Photos on Social Media

At Foodtree we want your food photo sharing experience to be social. It’s far more enjoyable to interact with other users who get just as excited about fresh local food as you do.

With this in mind, on our last release we’ve made it even easier to share your photos on Twitter and Facebook. Now there are two methods of sharing in the app.

Step 1.
Sending to Twitter and Facebook when adding a new photo. You’ve taken a photo, tagged it with market, vendor, and food type information (see previous blog post). The next option is to create a caption which will go underneath the photo in the app.

Screen 1
Twitter and facebook sharing

As you type in your caption the comment field will keep a character count. Tap Done at the bottom right of the keyboard when you are finished typing and it will disappear.

Step 2.
On this screen you have the option of sharing your photo to both Facebook and Twitter. This will include the caption you’ve written with a link to the image on the Foodtree website. (Here’s an example).

Screen 2
Sharing to twitter and facebook

These options toggle on and off, and once you’ve chosen where to share just hit the Post button in the top right corner and you’re done. The photo appears in the app, on Twitter, and on your Facebook profile page.

Step 3.
Sending existing photos to Twitter and Facebook. As with deleting a photo you click on the arrow icon in the top right corner of a photo to access Twitter and Facebook options.

Screen 1
Deleting or tweeting a photo

Step 4.
At this point you can share your photo to Facebook and Twitter but not at the same time. Keep in mind that the app will generate a default message rather than allowing you to create your own.

Screen 2

Step 5.
Tap the Facebook button and the app will ask if you want to post the photo to your wall with the message, “Found some fresh Eggplant* on Foodtree”. Tap post to share it to your profile page wall.

Screen 3

(* the food is based on the food type you’ve tagged the photo with).


Step 6.
Tap the Twitter button and the app will ask if you want to send a tweet with the message, “Found some fresh Eggplant* on Foodtree”. Tap the Tweet button to share it to your Twitter account.

Screen 4

Step 7.
And you’re done!

If you have any questions let us know, or drop by our Community Support forums.

You can download the Foodtree iPhone app for free from the App Store.

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