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How-To: Delete a Photo from Foodtree

Our How-To Series includes tips on how to use our mobile app and website. We know some of these will be obvious to some users, but they’re all questions we’ve been asked from time to time, so we want make sure answers to these questions are easy to find. If you have any questions that might make for a good How-To, shoot a quick email to!

Deleting Foodtree Photos

Ever taken a photo you just weren’t happy with?

Or accidentally snapped a photo Eggplants and labeled that photo “Eggs”?  Don’t worry, it happens to us too.  Now we’ve got an easy way to clean out photos you’d like removed from your Foodtree feed.

Step 1.
At the top right corner of every photo you’ll find a small arrow icon.

Deleting a photo

Tap it to bring up further options, including deleting the photo.

Step 2.
On the next screen you’ll find the big red delete button (along with sharing options we’ll get into in another blog post). Once you click delete there’s no going back because the photo will immediately be removed from your photo steam. You can always hit cancel at this point if you change your mind.

Deleting a photo

Step 3.
The deleted photo has left your photo steam, and you’re done.

If you have any questions let us know, or drop by our Community Support forums!

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