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Foodtree iPhone app v1.2 – Now With Exciting New Features

We’re really excited to share the latest version of our Foodtree iPhone app, available as always as a free download in the App Store.

In response to user feedback we’ve added exciting new features to make your food photo sharing experience more social and fun. We’ve also expanded into new farmers markets in both Canada and the US.

New Foodtree Cities

If you live in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, or Denver you can use the app to share photos at some of your local farmers markets. If you don’t see your favorite local market in the app just leave a comment or let us know on twitter. We’re adding more markets all the time, but especially as users request them.

New Foodtree Features

And now for the best part of Foodtree app v1.2 – new features! You can now:

1. Leave comments on photos: Users now have the ability to make additional comments on their own photos, and also comment on the photos of other users.

2. Follow people and food sources: Users can follow other photo streams including their favorite farmers markets and other users sharing beautiful photos of food. These appear under the “news” feed menu, separate from your own photos.

3. Share your photos on Twitter & Facebook: Send your freshest food photos to twitter and facebook in one smooth step while sharing within the app.

You can also share any photo you see in the app at any time.  Just click the arrow icon at the top of each photo and you will have the option of sharing to Twitter, Facebook, or both at the same time.

Download v1.2 of the Foodtree app from iTunes for free. As always, your feedback is appreciated!

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