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Food Advocate Profile: Danielle Gould and @foodtechconnect

Our mission at Foodtree is to connect people with where their food comes from. With this in mind we’re highlighting individuals who work in the intersection of food & technology we think do a fantastic job of contributing, promoting, and building the global food scene on a local level. We call them Food Advocates.

This post is part of a series to highlight the people involved in an upcoming SXSW panel talk: Better Food Through Open Data Standards.

About Danielle Gould & Food+Tech Connect: Danielle Gould is the Founder and Editor of Food+Tech Connect, a company based in New York that connects innovators at the intersection of food and technology. In Danielle’s words she, “is a social alchemist, connecting and collaborating my way to a world shaped by better informed decisions.” She combines her food systems knowledge with technology expertise to build community and address challenges throughout the food system.

What we love about Danielle Gould & Food+Tech Connect: Danielle is a connector interested in bringing people together and making large scale changes to the food system. Food+Tech Connect fosters collaboration and dialogue through events, including panel discussions and meals highlighting local food and producers. Danielle and Food+Tech bring together fellow changemakers interested in hacking the food system and making a difference through technology.

Find Danielle online: Twitter

Find Food+Tech Connect online: web site | Twitter | NY Food+Tech Calendar of events

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