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Local Food Challenge Week! Are You Up For It?

Yesterday marked the first day of a Local Food Challenge happening here in our hometown of Vancouver.

The Foodtree Team has jumped on board and we’re all trying to eat fully local this week.

What Is Local Food Challenge Week?

If you’re in Vancouver, you can jump on board to support the cause, and the Growing Chefs organization that brings hands-on gardening and cooking experience taught by local chefs into the classroom to educate children about growing and cooking food.

Thing is, you don’t have to be in Vancouver to participate in something like this.

The simple act to trying to eat local for a week is something that every food lover should try out at some point. It’s challenging, so don’t beat yourself up for running into issues here and there, but you can use the experience to learn a bit about your local food community. Where can you get local food? Which restaurants support the region’s producers?

What is actually seasonal near you?

The Freebie Rule

Pulling something like this off and feeling like you’ve succeeded means you’ll need to give yourself a few freebies each day.

Here at Foodtree, we drink a lot of coffee and tea. These are hard to come by on a local level, so a few of us are using our freebies each day for our caffeine fix, and occasional chocolate indulgence.

Oh, and by the way, it’s probably easiest to do a local food challenge during the late summer when a lot of different foods are in season. Check out Vancouver’s seasonality chart.

Here and here are some inspiration and ideas to get you started, and keep an eye out as we tweet our meals from the Treehouse!

Have you ever eaten local for an entire week?

What was the biggest challenge?

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  1. Day two on the challenge…and we really want coffee!! Might have to use up a freebie for a large cup of java tomorrow….good luck with the rest of your week! And of course, we’ll have lots more recipe ideas this week on our blog.

    August 15, 2011
  2. Yes! Freebies for caffeine seem pretty likely most of the week. We love your site…was poking around the recipe ideas in the office earlier!

    August 15, 2011

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