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Event: Exploring Nature As Healer, Teacher, & Catalyst for Change

The Foodtree team has been fortunate to call Pravin Pillay a friend and mentor, and his ability to help teams and leaders align their actions with social and cultural motives is unparalleled. Pravin’s approach is insightful, respectful, and daring. Our intent has always been to develop a productive, motivating, self-aware culture within Foodtree that combines a deeply human sensibility with an enterprising ambition to succeed and make a difference.  Pravin has been instrumental in setting us off on the right path.

With that said, Pravin and his team are hosting a weekend event soon that we’d recommend to anyone looking to improve their own personal and professional well-being.

The event is an experiential, interactive weekend course weaving the connections between natural ecosystems, wisdom cultures, Western science, arts, philosophy, and personal and collective leadership.

Regenerating the Ecological Self: Exploring Nature as Healer, Teacher, and Catalyst for Change

You will have the opportunity to revitalize and re-awaken your sense of awe and wonder towards the natural world, finding lessons and inspiration within it, and yourself, that can strengthen your spirits and nurture the changes that you want to make in your personal life, and in the relationships with the communities to which you are connected.

Join Pravin and his team for an interactive and experiential process, where you will be guided in:

  • Opening the senses to the vital forces available in nature to restore health and deepen awareness
  • Mapping your personal eco-system
  • Bringing clarity and direction to your life mission/purpose
  • Navigational tools for contemporary living, leadership and change making

Friday, August 19 6-9 pm
Saturday August 20 9-4 pm
Sunday August 21 9-5 pm

Location: Salmonberry Room, Stanley Park Ecology Centre, Vancouver, BC.

For more information and to register, click here.

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  1. This sounds like an great course and amazing opportunity for anyone who is able to attend.

    Thanks for sharing the information.


    September 25, 2011

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