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Food Advocate Profile: @24CarrotsCo Brings the Farmers Market to You #vanfarmers

Our mission at Foodtree is to connect people with where their food comes from. With this in mind we’re highlighting Vancouver farms, producers, and food businesses we think do a fantastic job of contributing, promoting, and building the local food scene. We call them Food Advocates.

24 Carrots logo

About 24 Carrots Company: 24 Carrots Co. is a grocery delivery service in Vancouver that connects people with farm fresh seasonal food. The service is operated by Gavin Wright and Chris Thoreau, two passionate food people who are determined to redefine the food system from the ground up. They source all of their products from local farmers markets and urban farms, and operate just like a CSA but with more selection because they work with multiple producers. Deliveries are made by bicycle and all the produce arrives within a day of being freshly harvested.

What we love about 24 Carrots Company: The idea behind the service is to bridge the gap between consumers and producers, and also to support local food businesses. It appeals to those who can’t make it to the Farmers Market but would like to take advantage of fresh local food. 24 Carrots can happily deliver the Farmers Market right to your doorstep. And on a bicycle no less.

If you’re interested in trying 24 Carrots they have a variety of subscriptions available for their services. People can sign up at anytime through out the season.

Find 24 Carrots Company onlineweb site | twitter | Foodtree profile

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  1. chris #

    What an awesome idea!


    August 6, 2011
  2. It really is a super idea:) Response seems to be great so far.

    August 8, 2011

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