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Vote: Unlock your food community in the Foodtree app!

Who gets unlocked next? Vote for your community below!

Bonus: The first community to 20 votes earns those voters free “Know Your Food” t-shirts.

The next release for the Foodtree app is on its way with a bushel of new features, improvements, and tweaks suggested to us by you; our community.

If you have further feedback or ideas, don’t hesitate to share them with us.

Let’s Unlock Your Community!

Unlocking Foodtree in your community is up to you.

It is a matter of having enough people in the area who’d like to celebrate their local food producers.

If enough of your friends and neighbors show us they care about their food culture by voting in this poll, we’ll add your farmers markets and food producers to the application and you can all start sharing with one another.

I Don’t See My Community Above

We have a forum for food lovers to let us know they wanted their community unlocked in the mobile app…if you don’t see your community in this poll you can suggest it there!

The rest is up to you and your friends, fans, and neighbors. Spread the word and put your city at the top of this poll, and we’ll unlock your community!  We’ll be aiming to unlock our next round of communities in just over a week so get out there and spread the word!

Tweet: Vote for our community to be unlocked in the @foodtree app; share photos of fresh local food and where it’s from!

Don’t forget: we’re sending free “Know Your Food” t-shirts to the voters in the community who rally the first 20 votes!

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