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Food Advocate Profile: Mijune Pak & @FollowMeFoodie

At Foodtree, nothing we do can make a difference without the backing of the foodie and food geek community. They are our biggest supporters and they’re also the ones who introduce what we do here at Foodtree to a wider audience. We call them Food Advocates.

This post is part of a series of thank you shout outs to the small group of people who came out to support our recent iphone app launch at Trout Lake.

About Mijune: Mijune Pak writes a restaurant review and food blog, Follow Me Foodie, which is one of the most popular blogs in Vancouver. She shares her culinary adventures around the city, and takes a light-hearted approach to food writing. Her blog will make you hungry.

Why we love her: Mijune was a participant in the recent photo scavenger hunt during the launch of our new iphone app. She contributed an excellent stream of photos of delicious items you can find at the Trout Lake Farmers Market.

Find her: blog | twitter | foodtree profile

Thank you Mijune for helping to promote what we do at Foodtree.

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