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Food Advocate Profile: Mark Busse & @Foodists

At Foodtree, nothing we do can make a difference without the backing of the foodie and food geek community. They are our biggest supporters and they’re also the ones who introduce what we do here at Foodtree to a wider audience. We call them Food Advocates.

This post is part of a series of thank you shout outs to the small group of people who came out to support our recent iphone app launch at Trout Lake.

About Mark: Mark Busse is a designer, passionate foodie, and co-founder of Foodists, a collective food blog. He’s also an organizer and catalyst in both the design and food communities in Vancouver and loves to bring people together to share ideas – and what else! – food.

Why we love him: Mark is a man with a generous heart and has been one of our biggest supporters and advocates. He gave us terrific feedback on our iphone app saying, “I’ve been waiting for an app like this for so long. I can’t wait to benefit from the information about where to find certain foods and excited I get to participate with contributions.”

Find him: blog | twitter | foodtree profile

Thank you Mark for your continued support of Foodtree.


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