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How To Share Fresh Food Photos on Twitter and Facebook

This weekend our app sees it’s second full weekend of farmers markets, and one of the things we heard from early users was that it wasn’t clear that photos could be shared on social channels.

One of the reasons peoples are using the app is to promote fresh food in their communities.

That sharing includes our friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook. Many food lovers are in both places, and not everyone has an iPhone so sharing these photos on those networks gives people a quick connection to their local food community using the web.

How To Share On Social Networks

When you take a photo using the Foodtree app, it ends up in your My Photos stream.

Go there to find a photo to share. Hint: You can share other people’s photos too!

When you’ve found a photo you want to share, you’ll see a white share icon in the lower right corner. Like this:

Press that button and you’ll see options to share via Twitter or Facebook.

When you choose either one, you’ll be sent to Twitter or Facebook to confirm that you want to share it on those networks. By logging in and clicking “Okay” or “Authorize App”, all you’re giving our app permission to do is share the photos you decide to share. We won’t touch your social accounts otherwise.

So that’s it!  If you have questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments or shoot us an email at!

Have a great weekend at the farmers markets!

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