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How To Unlock Your Community In The @Foodtree App

The last few days have been a whirlwind of requests to unlock our iPhone app in communities around the world. I can’t tell you how exciting that is for us!

What does unlocking the app mean?

Our iPhone app launched with Vancouver and Boulder, Colorado “unlocked”. That means we have their farmers markets in the app, along with the vendors who are at those markets. This is important because when you share a photo of fresh food using our app, you’re asked to identify “Where you found it” and “Where it’s from“.

Unlocking the app means that we’ll add your markets to the app so that your photos can be connected to the places your neighbors can actually buy those foods, as well as see where they’re from.

It will also mean that your photos will populate your community’s market pages on the web…see one here: (Trout Lake Market, Vancouver).

How do you unlock your community?

It’s actually pretty easy, assuming you have a lot of food lovers in your community.

  • We’ve set up forums for community suggestions. Suggest locations here:
  • You and your neighbors show support for your community by voting for it (more on how to vote below).
  • You spread the word and rally support! Write a blog post! Tweet, share on Facebook! 
  • We unlock the communities that have the most votes.

How to Vote

You need to log into our Community Forum to suggest a community or to vote for one that’s been suggested. You’ll end up on a screen that looks like this:

Log in using either method. (If you use Twitter, don’t worry, we don’t tweet for you or see any of your personal information…we just trust Twitter to tell us that you are you the next time you log in.)

Once you’re logged in you’ll see the Vote button active, and use it to support your community!

Win Foodtree Swag with 20 Votes!

We’re suckers for giving away prizes…our excitement about the people who support our mission knows no bounds. With that in mind I’m going to send Foodtree t-shirts to the community that gets to 20 votes first!

That’s right…rally 20 of your friends, neighbors, food lovers, market managers, or farmers to vote your city up and I’ll send those 25 people “Know Your Food” shirts.

We’re working together.

We’re certain that the Foodtree App is only valuable if people on the ground are using it to share fresh food photos with their neighbors, and to celebrate their local producers. This is about community, so we’re looking for communities that really want to use the app.

Let’s unlock some food communities!

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