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Food, Glorious Food: Anthony on Green with Envy Radio Show

On Thursday Anthony will be part of a panel of guests on Green with Envy, hosted by Peter ter Weeme on World Talk Radio. The theme of the show is Food, Glorious Food.

About the episode:

There’s nothing more intimate we do each day than eat. With every bite we take, we trust that what we enjoy is healthy and nutritious, or at least not bad for us. We also rely on people and systems around the globe to keep us stocked with the food we need for a plentiful and varied diet. But it’s a complicated dynamic and the more we know about our food, the more we connect with its sources, the better for us and the planet. Join us this week as we explore inspiring stories of people who are connecting people to their local food sources, helping reduce the environmental impact of food production, and bringing communities together.

To hear the show live please tune in here at 10 am (PST) on Thursday June 30th. An archive of the episode will also be available at the same link.

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