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Main Street Farmers Market in Vancouver tomorrow! #vanfarmers

Vancouver is about to explode with Canucks pride, having earned the right to fight for their first Stanley Cup title ever if they defeat the Boston Bruins, starting tomorrow night. They have come close in the past…one game away, in fact*…and aim for this to be the year that Lord Stanley’s Cup spends some quality time in BC.

Also tomorrow is the Main Street market opening, which you can stop by and still make it home with plenty of time to see the Game 1 national anthems being sung. The market is open from 3pm to 7pm, and in honor of the hockey game you’ll be welcomed with a few special treats!

  • prizes for kids who come to market in Canucks gear
  • they’ll be playing the game on the radio for listeners
  • 15% and free market money transactions for those in Canucks gear
  • Canucks score guessing game – pay $1 and guess how many goals the Canucks will score. Entries with correct guess will be entered to win a prize!
As for the Foodtree team, well, we’ll be heading over early to pick up some fresh food for dinner during the game. If you’re there, let us know!
Don’t forget…if you’re on twitter, we’re using the #vanfarmers hashtag to celebrate our local producers this season!

*That one game is, of course, the loss to the Rangers in 1994 that was nearly tied in the third period with a shot off the post, and sparked a series of riots in downtown Vancouver. This year, we shall celebrate!

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