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Tomorrow’s Farmers Market! #vanfarmers

Trout Lake Farmers Market

Headed to Vancouver’s Trout Lake Farmers Market tomorrow? We know we are…nearly our entire team will be there (a few of us have to stay keep plugging along in the Treehouse, boo). If you are there, we’ll be tweeting and using the #VanFarmers hashtag to record the day.

Why the #VanFarmers hashtag?

Hashtags let everyone monitor a specific conversation…to pull it out of the stream of other things happening on Twitter.

We’ll be able to look at the conversation celebrating the season and its food producers quite easily if we’re using the hashtag to track it.

Following the hashtag is easy. You can head to and search the hashtag to get a stream of tweets that include it.

There are also tools that make tracking a hashtag easy (most include other features for using social media), Hootsuite being the one of choice here at Foodtree. Other tools include deeper social media solutions like Seesmic or Tweetdeck, and lighter ‘listening’ tools like TweetChat or Monitter.

Mission #VanFarmers

If you want to join us in a little mission, we’re using an interesting new tool called to track the #vanfarmers hashtag as a celebration of local food producers. To join us you just join our mission: Celebrate Vancouver’s Local Food Producers

Foodtree Mobile Web

You can also see from the screenshot above that we have a mobile layer on Foodtree that you’ll see if you visit from your smart phone. The mobile map represents food assets near you; farmers markets and restaurants near you.

We’ll be updating our mobile site throughout the season to deliver more information to you while you’re out moving around, but our attention is also on building a dedicated iPhone app, which you can sign up to beta test here.

Enjoy your weekend!

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