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Treehouse Tips: Buy In Bulk, Larger Containers

Team member Ida Keung posts tips on sustainable living. See all of her Treehouse Tips by clicking here.

By buying food with little or no packaging, you can reduce the amount of energy and resources needed to produce and dispose of that packaging. What’s a great way to reduce packaging? Buy in bulk!

Get your food from the bins at the market instead of the pre-packaged products in the aisles. Often you can find cereal, pasta, rice, spices, biscuits, nuts, fruits and other treats in bulk containers. This way, you buy as much or as little amount of that item as you like.

You can also purchase larger containers, like 1L yogurt containers instead of little cups, in an effort to reduce packaging waste. In the yogurt example, although these little cups are recyclable, you can reuse the bigger containers in various ways before recycling them. Do your kids love orange juice?  Buy a larger jug and reuse smaller bottles for individual servings. (Check out my blog post on ideas for reusing food containers.)

The best part is that in addition to reducing wasteful packaging, in many cases you’ll save money buying in bulk. Win win!

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