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How Our Seeds Are Doing and CONTEST

No official episode today but here’s a picture of how are seeds are doing so far:

In the true spirit of Foodtree the seeds are sitting in a roasting pan in the middle of several computers.

To keep you entertained, checkout for some inspiration. We’ll try and get Andrea Bellamy in for a chat in the hopefully not so distant future. So Andrea, if you’re out there reading this: we’re coming for you.


We have a copy of The Zero Mile Diet (amazon) and will be giving it to one of you who comments on this post, we’ll announce the winner sometime next week.

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  1. Way to raise the bar for the urban office! The book looks intriguing too. As a big city girl transplanted to a small European college town with a fridge smaller than the one I used to have in my dorm, I may have to resort to growing my own veggies. Keep up the great work FoodTree!

    March 9, 2011
  2. Claire #

    Yay, seeds are a sprouting here too!

    I stayed up far too late the other night having being sucked into the beautiful world of Would love to see an interview!

    March 11, 2011

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