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Treehouse Tips: Reduce Your Energy Bill While Keeping Your Food Cold

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When you make a meal, do you find yourself opening the refrigerator door 12 times to get all the items you need? Every time you do so, a large portion of the cold air leaves the fridge. It can take a while to cool back down, and if you’re back and forth enough, some foods like meat and dairy may risk spoiling. You also might remember that you do not need certain root vegetables (like potatoes, onions, and yams) in your fridge, even though a lot of us put them there. Instead, put them in a breathable brown bag and store them in a cool dark cupboard until you need them.

To avoid this problem, try thinking about all the ingredients that you need before opening the fridge door, and gather them all at once. You won’t have to constantly reopen the fridge. You can save energy when you’re putting new groceries away after shopping, too; put the ingredients of the same dish together so you can get them all at once. You can still separate your meats, fruit, produce, and dairy, but you might gather all the stir fry vegetables in a bag so that you can grab them all at the same time, for example. This kind of organization can saves you time, energy, and money on the electrical bill! We all love to save money, right?


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  1. clayton #

    Refrigerators are big energy users.
    My energy bill was so high from my old refrigerator, I got rid of my dinosaur and replaced it with an energy-saving one. The sales company recycled my old refrigerator, and I got a new one for $700. The fridge is a bit smaller, there is less wasted unused space being cooled, and it is more energy-efficient.

    March 7, 2011
    • Thank-you for your insightful comment Clayton! By not getting a bigger fridge than you what need to store your food, you save unnecessary usage of energy. Good choice!

      March 7, 2011

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