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Foodtrees from last night’s FRESH Event

Thank you everyone who came out last night to the Ridge Theater in Vancouver for the screening of FRESH. The food, wine, and conversation was wonderful and we had a great time meeting everyone. We hope you enjoyed the movie!


As Anthony said before the film, we’ve put together some ‘foodtrees’, as we call them, related to the food producers who participated last night. Foodtrees are like family trees…they represent the path our food has taken on its way to our plate, and the link together food sources that are related to one another.

The main link can be found at the link mentioned last night: That takes you to our Treehouse Community Profile…a place we put together special events foodtrees.

NOTE: Our platform is community driven…if you know where you can find some of these foods you are welcome to contribute by signing in and adding food sources!

Check out each vendor’s foodtree:

Tower Foods


J-B’s Candy Shoppe

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company


Terra Breads

Edible BC

Farmstead Wines

Crannog Ales

Dao Tea

Ethical Bean

If you know of other places to find these foods, we’d encourage you to sign in and contribute!







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