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Interesting Vancouver’s Foodtree

Tonight is one of Vancouver’s most unique gatherings, taking place at the Rowing Club in Stanley Park. The event, called Interesting Vancouver, brings together a handful of speakers from extremely varied walks of life to present new and thought provoking ideas to a crowd of about a hundred.

Our CEO, Tony Nicalo, is not only catering the event (he just made hundreds of canapes for tonights guests…yeah really) but he’ll be giving a speech called “What’s For Dinner“.

Jonny has put the entire menu of appetizers on Foodtree linked to the source of each ingredient.

The event’s Foodtree list is located here.

Below I’ll paste the menu he’s prepared, and you’ll notice that alongside the master Foodtree (simply a list of all the places the food is from) we’ve broken out each appetizer into it’s own unique list. This is just one way we’re using the system we’ve set up, and would love more ideas if you’ve got them!

If you happen to be at Interesting Vancouver make sure to find us and say hello!

Tonight’s menu:

I’ve left some of our notes in tact so you can see how we get started on finding food sources.

Roasted Beet Salad with Fennel, Orange, and Feta
-Beets-Tony Wong’s Backyard Garden (3152 Quesnel Drive)
-Fennel-Myers Organic Farm-
-Orange- Foodsource (Distributor), Drive Organics
-Feta- Goat’s Pride Dairy- Drive Organics
Roasted Squash Rigatoni with Pomegranates and Tarragon
-Butternut Squash- Myers Organic Farm- Eternal Abundance
-Pomegranates-Pafford Family Farms, Homegrown Organic Farm (Distributor), Drive Organics
-Rigatoni- De Cecco, Donald’s Market
-Tarragon- Anthony’s Backyard Garden


Salmon-Potato Crisp with Dilled Yogurt
-Salmon-Skipper Otto- Skipper Otto CSF
-Yukon Gold Potato- Fraserland Organics- Discovery Organics-Eternal Abundance
-Yogurt-Saugeen Country- Drive Organics
-Dill- Roots Organic, Donald’s Market (Hastings)

Wild Mushroom Crostini
-Porcini Mushrooms-Untamed Feast
-Lobster Mushrooms- Untamed Feast
-Chanterelle Mushrooms- Misty Mountain Specialties (Distributor)
-Baby Lima Beans- Westpoint Distributors Ltd- Drive Organics
-Pea Sprouts- Eatmore Sprouts, Donald’s Market

Carne Crudo
-Vitellone- Ike Wisse Farm (49420 Yale Rd. E., Chilliwack BC V2P 6H4), Johnston’s Packers (, Moccia
-Venturi-Schulze Verjus
-Mary’s Gone Crackers Black Pepper Cracker-  Mary’s, Les Amis du Fromage (hastings)

Tomato Salad with Chevrette and Basil
-Tomato- Beryle’s Organic Paradise (, Donald’s Market
-Basil- Roots Organic, Donald’s Market (Hastings)
-Landana Goat Gouda- Vandersterre Group International (, Les Amis du Fromage (hastings)

What’s on your menu tonight?

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