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The New Foodtree Approaches

Over the last month Foodtree’s been evolving. We’ve certainly put our noses to the grind and tried to make our website deliver on the goals we’d set for ourselves earlier this year.

Our initial goals were focused on the farmer. The person cultivating our food; businesses close to the beginning of the food supply system.

We went live. We opened up and did so with one thing we could stand up with: a profile page for the people who supply us with real food.

Foodtree needed to be a place to communicate their story and to share the details behind their methods or practices. Too many wonderful food brands have trouble communicating, at scale, the details that make them different, and we want Foodtree to be a place in which transparency and communication are easy.

We also sacrificed basic user functionality in the quest to deliver on the prevalent goal.

We didn’t have great usability (the ease at which you can show up and figure out what to do) and we still don’t, honestly.  We don’t, but we will.

That’s where you come in.

Foodtree is a place in which we can all contribute. Adding foods and sources to Foodtree means you’ve set transparency in motion.  Our system will take your contribution and reach out to the businesses you’ve added to encourage them to share their story.

Add your local grocery store.

Or maybe your favorite restaurant.

Play around with the platform and let us know what you want. How could your food experience get better?

What do you expect from something like Foodtree?

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