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The Locavore Fad

In many cases, local food is better. But certainly not in every case, and especially not when you define local in terms of political boundaries. The borders of your country, province or state are not going to be the basis for a sustainable food system. “Physical and ecological regions do not follow politically shaped borders. The political boundaries of the United States and Canada are unsustainable units, artificial boundaries that have fragmented ecosystems and have helped cause environmental degradation and pollution.”

Health professionals caution that local may not always be better for you-

I’ve commented in the past that even for some produce, further afield may be better.

Our world is a complex place. Our human nature encourages to fall in love with simple, often reductionist solutions. Unfortunately, those are doomed to fail…

My hope is that we can use technology to make us more human. Utilize an internet database to make complex information available and digestible. Instead of oversimplifying the problem or the solution, try to communicate both better. EAVB_DUUBEFJDTE

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