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Foodtree Community Events!

It’s been a while, but the team at Foodtree’s been growing and working hard to improve the experience you have when you join us on our way to a new relationship with food and the people who provide it to us.

We want to make sure you’re aware of some upcoming Foodtree events in Vancouver, which is the point at which those of you outside of our hometown usually stop reading, so we’ll humbly ask you to drop over to Foodtree, which is currently in a bit of a soft launch mode (still kinks, so please be patient).


Farm To Table Vancouver (link)

On Wednesday, August 18th, we’re co-hosting an event called Farm To Table Vancouver, and it’s something we’re really excited about. This is a celebration of the local food scene, a casual gathering of people and businesses focused on the close, almost romantic relationship humans have had with their food for thousands of years and how that’s possible today.  

Come meet leading local businesses devoted to transparency and their community.  Enjoy samples from Dao Tea, Mogiana Coffee, Farmstead Wines, Seeds of Plenty and Inevitable Table.

The Foodtree team will be there with a peek at the platform we’re building, and founder Anthony Nicalo will be a featured speaker.

GROWconf Foodtree Challenge (link)

This is a special, intimate event during the GROW Conference, which looks to be one of the best technology/innovation gatherings in Vancouver this year.  If you’re not familiar, after two days of conference events the third day is a Challenge Day, and we’re throwing a Foodtree Challenge for twelve food lovers.

Click here for the full story, but it’s gonna be hard to resist the day we have planned.

The day will start around 11am at UBC Farm, where we’ll see a 24-hectare teaching, research and community farm that forms a rich mosaic of cultivated fields, teaching gardens, forest stands, hedgerows, and orchard plantings.  A gourmet lunch will be prepared by InevitableTable, a local private chef service co-founded by Sam Kass, currently working for the Obama family at the White House.

At around 7pm, we will gather at C Restaurant for a welcome cocktail, before boarding the outdoor floating dining room recently built for The School of Fish Foundation to raise money for sustainable seafood initiatives in culinary schools around the world.  This will be a delicious seven-course meal, and a chance to connect with some of the thought leaders in sustainable food.

This event is limited to twelve people so we’ll hope to see you there!

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