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Oil Spill Widely Reported, But Our Oceans Die Daily

Destroying natural habitats is something at which humans are uniquely adept. The NYT this week is reporting about the long history of pollution and dumping in the Gulf of Mexico. 

 “This has been the nation’s sacrifice zone, and has been for 50-plus years,” said Aaron Viles, campaign director for the Gulf Restoration Network, a nonprofit group. “What we’re seeing right now with BP’s crude is just a very photogenic representation of that.”

 The Times magnifies the point, “But like no other American body of water, the gulf bears the environmental consequences of the country’s economic pursuits and appetites, including oil and corn.”

This appetite extends to our daily bread. The Rodale Institute shared some of the dramatic impact our broken food system has in the Gulf last year, 

“Agricultural pollution flowing out of the Midwest kills aquatic life in the Gulf of Mexico, with seafood harvesters and eaters paying the price for this displaced cost of “cheap food.”



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