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The Triple Crown of Tech Coverage

Wow. Last fall when we applied to Bootup Labs, I always thought that coverage in Techcrunch, GigaOm and ReadWriteReb would be awesome. (Plus syndicated to the NYT) Since our office is now in Bootup Labs, it is interesting sitting in the middle of an internet firestorm. I've never been this close to one before. I'm learning a few things:

1. The cost of interaction online IS really low. We're glad to be trying to utilize the power of technology and the internet to do something useful, to make our food system more human, more connected.

2. PR lesson- don't be afraid to own the conversation. When you are sorry about something, you need to say that publicly. And don't wait for someone else to announce that you've messed up first.

3. Noone will make your company succeed. Only you and your co-founders can do that. You will get help from friends, family, mentors, investors and customers. You will have friends, family, mentors, investors and customers respond negatively. Some deals will work out, some will fail.

4. Things not going exactly as planned is the nature of technology startups- you are constantly learning, iterating and staying nimble.

If anyone has questions about our experience, where Foodtree is heading, and the future of food beyond labels, please feel free to contact me.

Information beyond the label:

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