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What life altering venture are you attempting this year?

My friend Taina is living 2010 without plastic. She came over for dinner and I winced everytime I purchased something in plastic (e.g., hazelnuts from a farm in Langley) or pulled something out of a plastic package (e.g., the lining of the butcher wrap around the sablefish). I managed to make several courses within the constraints of eating provenance and she didn't beat me up too much about the plastic. We mused about the tradeoffs we had to make and she wrote a compelling piece about it over at PlasticManners.

"My friend Anthony and I were having dinner last year, and I told him that I was about to start my project.  The one thing to know about Anthony is that he always has a million projects on the go.  The other thing is that Anthony has a thing about food.  Particularly where food comes from and how it was produced.

So, upon finding out about my project, he suddenly acquired a look about him something along the lines of interest/annoyance/deep thought, and 30 seconds later launched into “I should go a year without eating anything without knowing its origin”.  Oh man.  He just couldn’t help himself, which might explain the annoyance.  We laughed about whose project was going to be harder.  Arguably his…"

Read the rest here- ttp://

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